2nd Nepal Conference on Restorative Justice 2018

The Second Nepal Conference on Restorative Justice was held in Kathmandu on 24-25 November, 2018. Organized by Nepal Institute of Justice, the conference brought together a number of practitioners and scholars working in the fields of restorative justice and peacebuilding. The conference also marked the International Restorative Justice Week observed globally from 18-25th of November. The Nepal Conference was inaugurated by the long-time advocate of restorative justice Hon. Judge Tek Narayan Kunwar from the High Court of Patan .

The Nepal Conference was attended by participants from Bangladesh, Colombia, India, Italy, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UK and USA and explored how an innovative approach to justice and peacebuilding can transform the way issues of crime, gender-based violence and transitional justice confronting us today in Nepal and around the world. The conference concluded with a 6-point Kathmandu Declaration on the Right to Restorative Justice 2018.

Restorative justice is a rapidly growing global movement, and it focuses on victims’ healing and offender accountability in events of crime or conflict. The United Nations has passed Resolutions on Restorative Justice in years 2000 and 2002.