Nepal Dialogues on Justice & Peacebuilding

In peace and justice, the two foundations of humanity, there are no winners or losers. The ideals of peace and justice require that those working for peace and justice should come together at some point — better sooner than later.  That’s the main reason behind Nepal Dialogues, an initiative of the Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice.

The Nepal Dialogues is aimed at starting meaningful and sustained conversations on issues of peace and justice facing our societies. As the name suggests, dialogue entails learning (rather than just talking) and mutuality (rather than isolation), so that we all grow together, empower each other, and contribute to our collective goals of peacebuilding and justice.

The Nepal Dialogues is a collaboration of like-spirited organisations where we currently act as its Secretariat. The first round of Nepal Dialogues kicked off on 25 January 2019.