Re-Imagining Justice

Re-imagining Justice Reading Series (RJRS) is an initiative of Nepal Forum for Restorative Justice aimed at creating alternative discourses about justice and society, and at connecting these discourses to Nepali context. RJRS is organized every month in a premise of an academic or research organization.

Typically, an RJRS is a two-hour event, where a student or a professional presents his or her understanding of a chosen scholarly article, and explains the thrust of that article to the participants. The ideas expressed in the article are then further elaborated by the invited guest speaker, who also explores the relevance of the paper’s idea in the context of Nepal. When possible, the chosen article is distributed in advance to the possible participants.

Each RJRS has a different focus in the field of justice and society, yet each episode attempts to build on ideas discussed in the earlier ones.

Previous RJRS episodes

Episode 1: Conflict as Property, where the author argues that professionals are stealing the conflict away from the parties and making it their property

Episode 2: Rebellious Lawyering, where the author elaborates the notion of rebellious lawyering, and emphasizes the need of such pro-people lawyering

Episode 3: Transitional Justice, where the author highlights the needs of a deeper and broader understanding of the justice as used in transitional or (post-) conflict contexts in order to address the needs of victims, offenders and community in a holistic manner

Episode 4: Balancing Due Process Rights and Restorative Justice, where the author lays out the challenges posed by restorative justice and how balances to due process rights can be achieved

Episode 5: Community Justice, where the author iterates a need of a meaningful community participation in issues of crime and justice

The program has been discontinued in 2019 for some technical reasons. We hope to resume it in a different format. Please stay tuned.